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Stephanie Moreau, BA in Interdisciplinary Studies

The moment I stepped on the Marylhurst University campus I knew I had found a home. I had not been to school for over twenty years and was incredibly nervous about returning. The staff, the faculty, the other students, everyone was welcoming and professional.

Many of the courses that were required for the liberal arts portion of my degree were not courses that I was interested in. However, I found that with each core class I was learning new and relevant information that I continue to draw on today. The professors not only had academic knowledge but a wealth of life experience.

My education at Marylhurst has given me confidence that I lacked prior to earning my Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies. I learned that I love the academic environment and am now an academic advisor at a local community college.

To this day I consider my decision to pursue a Bachelor’s degree at Marylhurst University one of the best decisions of my life.

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