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Zach Henkin, MBA in Sustainable Business, ‘13

I came to Marylhurst for my MBA looking for the skills and experience to elevate and propel me forward along my career path.  I was working full time and set the expectation that I would need to carefully manage my time in order to succeed with the accelerated program. It proved to be manageable and at times even convenient where knowledge gained through the program was immediately applicable in my professional life as Marketing & Operations Manager at Sunlight Solar Energy.

The formal education was excellent. My MBA concentration, Renewable Energy, and the practical experience I received while preparing coursework was invaluable. The larger qualitative experience is what proved to be the greatest value of my graduate degree. The organic collaborations with my cohort and the encouragement from professors and faculty challenged and pushed me to create and produce work that I hadn’t initially thought possible.

I am now more confident of my own professional work and also can claim a higher attention to detail when reviewing the work of others or my own. I look forward to what the future holds and am glad that Marylhurst could play a part.

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